Meeting of Food Engineering 2017

IV Jornada de Ingenieria en Alimentos

Universidad del Papaloapan

Tuxtepec, Oax

Oct 30-31, 2017


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Abstract Categories Examples

I. Education, Extension, Teaching & Learning

Example: Education from elementary school to adulthood. Research opportunities, innovative teaching methods & learning techniques, effective methods for serving your clientele and examples of successful outreach. General teaching and learning strategies, improving students critical thinking, TICs, simulation, WHO, Codex

II. Food Chemistry

Example: Chemistry and analysis of foods, bulking agents, carbohydrates (cereals, grains, seeds, legumes, pulses)

III. Food Engineering

Example: Measurement, modeling, optimization and control of food processing systems. (Distillation, fermentation, nanotechnology. drying, transport processes, (bio) chemical reactors, extraction, dehydration, crystallization, food frying, nonlinear systems, cost of production and transportation, instrumentation of processes, techniques of optimization and decision applied to food processes and impact of automation in food engineering).

IV. Food Health & Nutrition

Example: Diet & Health, Dietary Guiderlines, Dietary Supplements, Food Myths & Fads To Address Misconceptions (GMOs, Sugar, etc) Functional Foods, Medical Foods, Microbiome, Omics, Personalized Nutrition, Prebiotics & Probiotics, Sugar & Sweeteners, Vitamins & Minerals

V. Food Microbiology

Example: Detection and cuantification methods, quality control, survival of microorganisms throughout the food contamination and processing environments, preventive controls of pathogens, characterization of emerging pathogens, and microbiology of health and wellness foods. Toxicology

VI. Food Processing & Packaging

Example: Improve quality, efficiency, sustainability, lead development new product, processes, packaging material or techniques. Chilling & Freezing, Dehydration, Emulsion Technologies, Extraction, Extrusion, Fermentation, Filtration & Separation, High Pressure Processing, Microencapsulation & Nanoencapsulation, Mixing & Blending, No thermal Processing, process control & Instrumentation, Processing Equipment, Thermal Processing, Food packaging

VII. Food Safety & Defense

Example: Risk Assessment, Management and Communication, Traceability, Quality Systems, Product Testing, Auditing, Crisis Management, Recalls, Laws and Regulations, and Standards, Allergens, Food Fraud, Food Safety Modernization Act, Hazard Assessment (Chemical, Physical & Physical Microbiological), Quality Assurance & Control, Shelf Life, Spoilage Organism.

VIII. Food Service

Example: Supply preparation, presentation, and delivery of foods

IX. Marketing & Management

Example: Development of food and beverage products

X. Nonthermal Processing

Example: Pulsed power engineering, ultra high pressure, ozone, and reemerging food irradiation

XI. Product Development

Example: Primary aspects of the development and introduction of new food and beverage product innovation to the global marketplace. This category includes consumer research, product innovation procedures and related business information, as well as the technical and marketing aspects of product development. 3D, Antioxidants & preservatives, Aquatics or Aquaculture, Baby foods, Bakery, Beverages, Botanicals or Bioactives, Colors, Confectionary, Consumer Trends, Dairy Foods & Products, Enzymes, Fats & Oils, Fiber, Fish & Seafood, Flavors, Food Retailing, Food service, Formulation, Fruits & Vegetables, Global Markets & Trade, Marketing, Meat & Poultry, Mergers & Acquisitions, New Products & Culinary Trends, People & Companies in the News, Pet Food, Proteins R&D, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods, Snacks, Sodium & Salt Replacers, Soups, Sauces & Dressings, Spices & Seasonings, Stabilizers & Emulsifiers, Starches, Supply & Price indexes

XII. Public Policy, Food Laws And Regulations

Example: Practical, real world implication for food and feed industry of legislative, regulatory, and judicial developments in Mexico and global scale. Non GMO, Organic

XIII. Quality Assurance

Example: Quality assurance, quality control, and food wholesomeness

XIV. Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

Example: Preservation of foods employing refrigeration or freezing technology

XV. Sensory Science

Example: Advancements in the science of sensory and consumer research, for product development and marketing research

XVI. Sustainability

Example: Biotechnology, Food Security, Food Waste, Life Cycle Analysis, Water, Management & Energy Management

XVII. Toxicology & Safety Evaluation

Example: Science and technology of toxicology and safety evaluation relevant to foods or food components.